Laundry Services Fairland & Northcliff

Laundry Services in Fairland & Northcliff by OntheMove Laundry

Laundry Services in Fairland & Northcliff by OntheMove LaundryIf you’re tired of carrying suits, shirts and duvets to your local laundromat in Fairland & Northcliff then book with South Africa’s most popular mobile and online laundry service for a free laundry collection and delivery service!

OntheMove Laundry is available in Fairland & Northcliff, so wherever you’re looking for a laundromat or laundry services in Fairland & Northcliff, OntheMove Laundry is the simplest and smartest way to take care of your laundry cleaning – with free collection and delivery.

With OntheMove Laundry you can order laundry services online in Fairland & Northcliff or with your phone and tablet app. Choose a time and place that suits you and we’ll collect, clean and deliver your clothes for you – with pricing from just R35 per kilogram. Nobody likes ironing shirts, so why not order freshly cleaned and pressed shirts with OntheMove Laundry on your commute into Fairland & Northcliff?

Fairland & Northcliff Laundry Service Prices

Need your work shirts or trousers cleaned in Fairland & Northcliff? Don’t waste time looking and carrying your clothes to a nearby launderette. Order with OntheMove Laundry at any time of day or night and get your clothes professionally cleaned at a time that suits you. Unlike other Fairland & Northcliff launderettes, OntheMove Laundry has a 24hr turn around time and offers free laundry collection and delivery. We’re open from 7am to 6pm Monday – Saturday and can even deliver on Sundays. Check our full price list for more details.

Since launching in October 2015 we’ve cleaned over 20,000 clothes in and around Fairland, Northcliff and our laundry delivery agents have collected and delivered clean clothes all across Johannesburg North. With OntheMove Laundry, you don’t need to find laundromats near Fairland & Northcliff because we’ll collect your dirty clothes and return them clean!

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