How to Help Dry the Laundry During Rainy Season

This is the number one problem we have when it is raining. Especially when it rains for months. How do we dry the laundry? Some houses have a laundry line under their houses or inside.

Since I don’t have a large area that is covered I had to make some inside the house. Now I know some who have dryers will say “use the dryer!” But sometimes the dryers that use heat can shrink some of the clothes. If you have the spin dry type than that is good because it helps wring out the excess water then we can hang it and it dries faster. Then they have this special clothes softener that dries the clothes faster and with a good smell.

But most can’t afford and I don’t like to use softener with a strong smell, I use minimal just to soften the clothes, give it a nice smell and I can hang with less wrinkles.

But here are some tips that maybe can help for those who want to dry their clothes naturally and less expense.

  • Whether you use a washing machine or hand wash, always wring out as much water as you can.
  • If you are hanging indoors in a room (I use a room not being used frequently) open the windows to allow the air to circulate.
  • Before hanging, wring out the water again and shake the clothes to straighten and stretch them a bit.
  • Use hangers for blouse and even pants to lessen wrinkles and to make more space. It will also allow the clothes to dry faster because it it open.
  • If needed place a stand fan and let circulate and use clothespins to keep the hangers from moving. allow a little space in between. The air helps dry them
  • If you are hanging them by folding over the line turn over every hour or so.
  • Whenever there is a chance of some sunlight bring them out, when it starts to drizzle bring back right away.
  • To help the clothes get dry fast you just have to move them around, give little shake and spread them out.
  • If in a real hurry when it is partially dry, my helper or I sometimes iron them just once and shake then hang again it dries faster but cost more electricity.
  • Another thing if you need to wear something and need to be washed, make sure you have at least 3-4 days before you need them to give it time to dry.
  • Using some clothes softener gives the clothes a nice smell but don’t overdue it.

Sometimes it is good to be prepared and try ti have a covered area where you can hang your clothes when it rain. If you can make it spacious with good air circulation then it wouldn’t be a problem I don’t like to use the heating dryer because it can shrink or ruin clothes. maybe for towels and bedding it would be ok. Also to lessen the electricity you can use the heating dryer but only for a few minutes then take out and hang to let dry naturally.